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You can let your newsreader communicate with the server using an encrypted channel. This is called NNTP over TLS, or NNTPS.

Albasani uses a self-signed certificate. Configuring Thunderbird 3.x to use it takes a number of steps.

Download Albasani's Certificate

Click on the following link and save the file to some temporary location.

Import Albasani's Certificate

Tools → Options
→ Select tab "Advanced"
→ Select sub-tab "Certificates"


Click on image to enlarge.


→ View Certificates

Server Certificates

→ Select the tab "Servers"

On a default installation the list is empty.

No server certificates

→ Import...

Select certificate to import

This is a standard file selection dialog. Navigate to the file you downloaded in the first step.

Select certificate to import

→ Open

Server Certificates

You should now have one entry in list.
Select the line that starts with

albasani server certificate

→ Edit...

Edit web site certificate trust settings

Edit certificate trust settings

→ Trust the authenticity of this certificate.

→ OK
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