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Account Configuration


Edit → Account Settings...
Add Account...

New Account Setup

Thunderbird English - New Account Setup.png

Newsgroup account → Next


Thunderbird English - Identity.png

Enter appropriate values for "Your Name" and "Email Address". These two fields are published with sent messages. According to the Terms of Use the email address must be valid and at the user's disposal. The top level domain (TLD) "invalid" may be used for the From: address, e.g. foobar@invalid.invalid.

Server Information

Thunderbird English - Server Information.png is the usual setting. See SSL and alternative ports for other possibilities.

Account Name

Thunderbird English - Account Name.png

The account name can be chosen freely, the server name is only a suggestion.


Thunderbird English - Congratulations.png

The line "Outgoing User Name" has no meaning. Thunderbird builds that value out of the email address. It is never used, though.

Subscribe News Groups

In the "All Folders" lists you should now have an entry for the news server. Select it, then chose menu item File → Subscribe...

Thunderbird then sets up a connection to the server and tries to log in.


Thunderbird English - Username.png

Fill in the value of "Username:" from the email reply of your account registration.


Thunderbird English - Password.png

And finaly the value of "Passwort:" from the email reply of your account registration.
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