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How many concurrent connections to the server are allowed?

The paket filter imposes a limit of 15 concurrent connections to port 119 originating from the same address.

Please limit the number of concurrent connections to four.

Can I have a FQDN from you?

Sure. Send us a mail.

A Fully Qualified Domain Name is required to build your own message IDs.

Can you set up Cancelwatch?

Sure. Send us a mail.

Cancelwatch is a facility that automatically sends a mail when Usenet postings are cancelled.

Prerequisites are a unique FQDN und a working email address. And obviously we can only watch groups that are carried on news.albasani.net.

Complaints about postings (sender)

What can I do against postings that violate charta or netiquette?

Please tell the author by email about social conventions of the concerned group. If this does not help then add the author to the filter list (also known as killfile) of your newsreader.

If there are problems with the contents of a posting please check with the author directly or use the killfile of your newsreader.

In severe cases you might consider to take legal action.

Determining identity

To file charges I need to know who exactly the author of a posting is. How can I get this information?

Relevant items are date, time and the IP address used to send the posting to our server. With these specifications the concerning internet service provider can determine the customer. We store the IP address right in the postings, though encrypted.

Complaints about postings (receiver)

How many abuse reports does it take to close my account?

If you use a reasonable From: or Reply-To: (i.e. unambiguous, constant, easy to filter) our threshold is quite high.

How do I remove my own postings from Usenet?

Newsreaders typically provide a function called "Cancel" to send a cancel message after the event. Most news servers remove the concerned message on receipt of a cancel message. However, there is no obligation to do so.

Google's archive ignores cancel messages completely and requires a different mechanism. See Removing or deleting a post in Groups Help Center.

Do you have binary groups?

We have de.alt.dateien.misc and de.alt.dateien.weibsbilder, but none of the big binary hierarchies. See also http://albasani.net/technical/cleanfeed.html.en#Binaries_Allowed

Can I send newgroup or rmgroup?

Every user can send newgroup to the hierarchy free.*. If you need a rmgroup or newgroup in other hierarchies send us a mail.

The error messages for insufficient permissions:

You are not allowed to send newgroup ($group)
You are not allowed to send newgroup ($group)
You are not allowed to send checkgroups ($group)

Can I set the header Approved:?

Every user can set Approved: in the following groups:


To moderate others groups send us a mail.

The error messages for insufficient permissions:

You are not allowed to send approved postings to this group.

Cancel-Lock & Cancel-Key

Since 2007-07-02 every post of our users is furnished with a Cancel-Lock. Cancel control messages and supersedes also get a matching Cancel-Key.

On servers implementing the Cancel-Lock protection only cancel/supersedes with a matching Cancel-Key cause removal of the target post.

Why is my crosspost not accepted?

Cross posting heated discussions from a high-traffic group to a low-traffic group can destroy the smaller group, especially if the discussion is off-topic there. One reason for the severity of cross post floodding is that only few users ever check the adequacy of the group list in their reply. For that reason Albasani is configured to require a Followup-To: with some cross posts. This is a suggestion in which group the thread should continue.

Unfortunately Outlook Express hides this feature in an obscure menu item. See How to set a Followup-To with Outlook Express

Affected groups

The restriction applies to group names matching at least one of the following words.

Error messages returned by the filter
Followup-To: is required
Followup-To: must specify exactly one group

NNTP, SSL and alternative Ports

Protocol Host Port IPv6
NNTP news.albasani.net 119 yes
NNTPS news.albasani.net 563 yes
NNTP reader.albasani.net 80
NNTP reader.albasani.net 119 yes
NNTPS reader.albasani.net 443
NNTPS reader.albasani.net 563

For NNTPS a self signed certificate (issued for reader.albasani.net) is used.

Is there an account just to read news?

Yes, there is.

Username: readonly
Password: readonly

Why is my Reply-To: not accepted?

The Reply-To: header is optional, it can be omitted. It makes no sense to put an undeliverable or unread email address there. That's why usage of the following address suffixes is not accepted:


The corresponding error message looks like this:

Your Reply-To header contains an invalid address.

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